Driving for Deals just got easier!

If you’re still ‘Driving for Deals’ the old fashion way with Pen and Paper you are wasting your valuable time and losing deals to your competition!

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Top Benefits

Drive Buy REI automates the driving for deals experience by bringing the entire process online. If you're willing to put in a little time, leverage technology and follow a few simple, effective and proven steps, this new age twist to a time tested strategy will:
  • Generate competition free leads for larger pay days!
  • Why direct mail the same leads as your competition? Save on worthless bulk lists and marketing campaigns so you can put more money in your pocket!
  • Begin leveraging your resources better to make bigger paydays in less time and focus on the higher value tasks within your business so you can increase your bottom line!
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Amazing Benefits

"I still drive for dollars 6 to 10 hours per week...my best advice for new investors is go street by street driving for dollars and create a leads list that no one else has". Ryland T BiggerPockets Podcast Episode 171

Track Your Trail

Success leaves clues. One quick look allows you to look back and see in real time which streets you have driven and properties you've tagged.

Always Available

Whether you stumbled on a random address during your run or out hunting houses for the day...It's always ready. Easy to use mobile app to capture properties, and when you're back at the office getting down to business just jump on the web application.

More Time for YOU!

As investors, we have to put on more hats within fewer hours. Get your time back by leveraging this technology and let us do the dirty work for YOU!

First In Contact

Be the first point of contact with motivated sellers giving you the upper hand in buying more deals before your competition even gets their mailer out.

Research - DONE!

No more spending the day finding houses and the night researching data. The data is gathered with the click of a button and accessible on demand.

Mail Ready Lists (Integration Coming Soon)

No more spending hours 'cleaning up' your lists, researching property owners and tax payer addresses. The list is ready to mail the same day. (Multiple integrations coming soon. Use your fulfillment service or ours)

What are our customers saying?

"I have made a small fortune investing in real estate at a street level. For years I spent countless hours driving neighborhoods, researching public records, copy and pasting names and mailing addresses to excel so I could have an edge on my market place. 
This app has truly given me hundreds of hours of my time back and armed us with a deadly combination of finding opportunity first and minimizing the time required to be the first contact with the seller.  Part of me rejoices that there is now a streamlined process that old school guys like me can utilize. Part of me is concerned that now that this such a simple process, people will finally be able to do the light lifting to gain a heavy edge on their markets competition for properties.  Nate, you and your team are geniuses for collectively putting this together and filling it with a ton of bonus features that make Driving for Dollars fun again and for giving me my time back which is the greatest asset we all have. 
Thanks a million. Literally - Erik Stark"
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I select a property that doesn't return any owner information?

We have partnered with one of the largest residential property data providers in the U.S. We have information on over 140 million property records. Unfortunately, property information is very county specific and sometimes the information isn't available. If your county isn't available we will give you a full refund.

Can I switch or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can switch or cancel your subscription at anytime. We realize that you may not drive for dollars every month so we created plans to support driving for dollars as well as plans to enable you to manage your leads list.

Do you offer a discount on annual subscriptions?

Yes we do. Please contact us using the form below. We are currently offering a 20% discount for a limited time if you pay for an annual subscription.

What if I need more leads than what you offer?

If you are a big time investor and are looking for more than 400 leads per month please contact us. If you have a small team, we are currently working on creating a corporate subscription and functionality.

What if I find a deal but I don't have the resources to purchase it myself?

Congratulations on finding a deal! That was the tough part. Go Driving for Dollars was created to help new investors get the most bang out of their buck. If you find a deal we suggest going to your local meetups to find somebody to partner with. If you are still having trouble please contact us and we will reach out to our network to see if we can connect you with someone who can help.

I'm a commercial investor, does Go Driving for Dollars have owner information on commercial properties?

Yes. Go Driving for Dollars does have some commercial owner information. We are currently evaluating a separate commercial vendor as a separate offering. If this is something that you would be interested in please contact us.

We Have Plans

The average 'birddog' commission is $2,500...one deal would pay for the service...basically forever.


$10/ month
  • 50 Properties (Details/Owner Info)
  • Map and Database view
  • Easy Export
  • Unlimited Route Tracking
  • Lead Manager
  • Direct - Direct Mail (Coming Soon)


$40/ month
  • 400 Properties (Details/Owner Info)
  • Map and Database view
  • Easy Export
  • Unlimited Route Tracking
  • Lead Manager
  • Direct - Direct Mail (Coming Soon)